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On-Site Repairs

Offering a low-cost, easy solution to all the gadgets in your home. We encourage you to break out those old devices in your closet when we get there! We offer lower costs to service multiple devices. If you don't want them, we'll even buy them from you outright. So whether it's your kids old laptop or the newest smart-appliance acting up, give us a call. You'll be glad you did!

Custom Development

Whether it's a personal website or a custom built desktop application or just an employee time tracking phone app - we do all kinds of custom application development for all kinds of businesses and individuals.

On going customer service and support training

We provide on going support and service to all of our customers including free training when needed to make sure you're completely satisfied and continue to come back to us with all of your service needs.

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Frequently asked Questions

We strive to have your device fixed in under an hour. Of course, times may vary based on complexity.
You can! For immediate service call us at 228-304-9202 and speak with a certified tech immediately.
Service calls are billed at $75 an hour. Typically this is plenty of time to fix one or more devices.